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Little Brother is now closed. A new restaurant will be opening in the same space - details to follow!



Little Brother started years ago with a few scribbles in chef and co-owner Spencer Croteau’s notebook: Bread + Butter + Eggs. It was an observation that the simplest foods also happen to be the most delicious.

Then, when Spencer met Oldhand Coffee owners Kristina and Johannes van Bommel van Vloten in September 2018, they became fast friends. Over late night glasses of orange wine, the three got chatting about the foods they liked. With 25+ years of combined food and beverage industry experience, it was only natural that they soon began discussing the hypothetical restaurant they could open. What would it feel like? What music would they play? What would be on the menu? 

They found it was easy to agree on the most important things: a simple yet thoughtful menu, specialty coffee, and natural wine. And that concept found its feet surprisingly quickly when the ideal space on one of Abbotsford’s most iconic corners suddenly opened up. The three friends acted quickly, secured the space, and translated their shared dream into reality over the course of one exhausting, exhilarating summer. 

Little Brother descends directly from the French bistros and restaurants that provided intimate venues to well-connected communities in the past. It’s where a rich array of characters and relationships can play out against the backdrop of a cozy yet gently refined gathering place. It’s a place of celebration. Celebrations feel exceptional and rare, but they are also perfectly at home in everyday settings.